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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris in new york. our top stories. >> feel lucky to be live. standing next to a guy, who got shot and i didn't. >> bullet fly, gunman identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis katy, identified in texas. serin gas used in syria. thousands have been forced from their homes in colorado.
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it is one of the worst things we have seen in washington, d.c. that's how the city's police chief described today's shooting rampage that killed 13 people including the gunman. dozens including a police officer were hurt. and the shooting happened in building 197 of the washington navy yard. the building is just a couple of miles from the u.s. capitol. one with witness described what happened when the shooting happened. >> he was far enough down the hall where we couldn't see his face but he aimed and fired and hit high on the wall just as we were trying to leave. >> federal and local law enforcement officers rushed to the scene. people inside the building were ordered to stay there. only to be escorted out a few hours later. there are still many questions about what happened but here's what we know so far. d.c. police say at least 13 people including the gunman were killed. the city's mayor says several
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people were hurt. three people including a police officer were critically wounded. police say a gunman, 34 aaron alexis was killed, investigators are searching for a second possible gunman. the motive of the shooting is still unclear. tonight's washington nationals game against the braves was postponed the senate was also locked down for some time. mike viqueira has been on the scene all day long, he joins us now. what do we know about the suspected gunman? >> tony it was a day of chaos and conflicting reports. first there were three shooters, then fort worth texas navy veteran, unclear what connection he has to the navy yard at this time. the area was on lock down, active shooter throughout the course of the morning and well into the afternoon. authorities including the d.c. police chief and the mayor here described two individuals later
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in the afternoon they said the first individual was not a suspect or a person of interest after all. but still, another person as far as we know is still at large. here is d.c. mayor vincent gray this afternoon. >> we talked about the possibility of there being two other suspects. one is ruled out, one has been identified and no longer a superintendent. he's been talked to by law enforcement officials and there's no reason to continue any views that he may have been involved in this. there is still yet another person who is identified earlier. that is a person in the video who was wearing a drab olive uniform, around 50 years of age. around 5'10", african american man, we are continuing to look for him to determine what, if any, involvement he may have had. >> precious little information was coming forth tony. in an event later this morning
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even president obama paused at the top of an event. he had to talk about the economy, he praised the workers and the sympathy for the families. some 3,000 employees, was this building was the center of the gun fire. captain mark vandroff described a scene are with he convened a meeting and minutes later bullets came crashing into the walls of that conference room. he and his team sheltered in place he spent the next hour or so barricading the door, frantically trying to identify the location and safety of other members of his team. captain vandroff said he actually lost one of his employees, a long time employee a colleague of his at the pentagon. so it's been a day of conflicting chaotic information. as far as we know still an active crime scene at the navy
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yard three blocks behind me as i stand here on m street in southwest washington. you mentioned the nationals game. two blocks from here is nationals park. they'll obviously play a double header tomorrow. the ripple effects were felt, if senate was locked down for some time. other military facilities and there are several others in the area. heightened security. another unthinkable act, in the heart of the nation's capital tony. >> mike you mentioned it's still very much an active scene. the people who were told to stay put at the navy yard have they been allowed to leave that location at this point? >> all we know is what we can see and witness firsthand here tony. now about an hour ago, perhaps two hours ago we saw a stream of people being released walking up m street behind me up the sidewalk. of course a media village has
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sprung up here, an impromptu media crumm. scrum. i might add many of these workers are being offered free rides on the metro, many taxis are offering a free drive. for the simple reason many had to leave everything they had in place, including their wallets. they don't have money to get home tony. >> wow, thank you mike. the alleged shooter who was killed aaron alexis born in queens county new york and was 34 years old. his last known residence was fort worth texas. and in 2010 he was arrested in fort worth texas for discharging a gun within city limits. we are learning more about the deceased from our correspondent
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now heidi zhou-castro. what are the neighbors saying about this man? >> tony, well, this neighbor also called himself alexis's best friend. he is the man that owns the thai restaurant the happy bowl. earlier he told me that he and alexis lifd together for three years. the two of them met at a buddhist temple. he was offered a job as a waiter at this restaurant. he and other customers described alexis as a happy and gentle person, saying he could not believe that he could be the d.c. naval yard shooter. though there were some indications that something was
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not quite right according to the owner of this restaurant. he told us that he would see alexis carrying a gun to work. he would see it whenever alexis reached up to get a plate or something, while he was waiting tables and he would tell his friends to take that gun home. also, we spoke with another friend of alexis's here, his name is michael who was handyman at this restaurant and he tells us that alexis was a gun lover. that he would practice at shooting ranges here and that he had joined a military contractor about five months ago. it was a job we are told that alexis was enthusiastic to have and it took him to places like japan where he performed his duties. but we're also told by the friend michael that alexis had just indicated some unhappiness about his job, complaining to his friend that he had not been paid his salary.
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he indicated that was one of the last conversations he had with aaron alexis, so toby, it's obviously too early to jump to conclusions, but that is one possible motive investigators would be looking into. >> well hydey, any d owners heidi, any indication of a fream or children? >> no, not at all. according to the two men who knew alexis very well. he lived alone in texas as you mentioned he was born in convenes and he never -- queens we're told, he never spoke to them about any family parents kids anything like that. >> heidi zhou-castro. six steps to survival, your knowledge of past shootings what can you tell us about this event? >> well, this is looking more
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and more like workplace violence and workplace violence is the number one cause of mass shootings in this country, church shootings and school shootings. usually in workplace violence we see a single shooter a disgruntled employee who is going to take out his frustration, feelings on primary targets, individuals in the workplace and once he takes that out he opens fire on anyone he can shoot and anyone he can see. this is looking more like a workplace violence incident. we'll find out more when we find out about this second suspect. >> i'll get more on the workplace violence suspect, in just a second. if you were working up the case, leading the investigation on this case i'll put you in that position. what do you want to know about aaron alexis? >> i want to know everything i can. his associates, his relationships, i want to know his beliefs, what does he
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believe in? i need to know his motive, motive is very important, because again it is going to lead us down a path was it a lone individual who was disgruntled and we don't have to worry about other attacks or is this a group, a cell, a terrorist type incident, where we don't have to worry about other people that suffered the indiscretions that he did and they may want to lash out against their employers. >> we keep seeing these mass kind of shootings. what can you provide to people who are watching that they can better protect themselves? >> anyone can see that the first thing they have to do is exit. they heard gun shots but it was a minute or two later before someone told them to seek cover or to exit the building. we've got to realize that the number of shootings we're having in this country if you hear
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something out of place or explosion or gun shots, you've got to get away from the shooter as fast as possible. exiting is the number 1 thing you can do. after that find cover. protect yourself from the bullets. the gunman is going to be shooting add any targets that are in his sight. find protective cover such as a structural beam part of the building or concrete pad something like that. if you can't do anything other than that find concealment, hide from the shooter and get out of his line of sight. >> john, as you mentioned this is a shooting that happened at a workplace for thousands. david shuster, what were you saying? about 3,000 people? >> about 3,000. >> about 3,000 people work at that facility. do you find that companies are developing are abilities to
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respond to these type of situations? >> i think companies are a little bit below and schools are ahead of the corporation right now. but again with workplace violence being the number one reason for these mass shootings we've got to do more in corporate america to reach out to our employees and say, this is how you protect the yourselves and one of the specific things you can do to avoid niece horrible incidents. >> one of whom died at the hospital. again we don't have any known motive at this juncture. we are -- there are those who ask us about whether tomorrow was involved. we have no information that would suggest that that's the case at this point. and we will continue through the night, continue with this investigation, and obviously in the days and weeks ahead.
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i want to call upon first of all, we'll do this as we did before, chief of the metropolitan police department, chief kathy lanier, then we'll have our fbi representative, our chief of the park police and our congresswoman eleanor holmes norton. chief lanier. >> the only thing we can add right now is we are still asking our community to remain out of the area and shelter in place. we still are working diligently to either verify or clear whether we have that last additional person of interest out, whether they're going to be involved or not. that process is not complete. so this is still an active investigation. we still have a lot of allow enforcement activity in the area so please bear with us and ask that people stay out of the area until we gif the all-clear. -- give the all-clear. i will also add that our officer from the npd is recovering.
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he does have serious injuries and we know he's going to be okay and i would like to thank all of our community members who have shown an outpouring of support for our npd family. we have the officer who is out of surgery and stable and going to be okay. so traffic closures remain the same as before. they probably will remain closures across m street throughout the night. this is going to be a little bit longer-term investigation. i think once we clear that last suspect whether that is going to be aperson we are looking for or not we will have additional of the closures lifted now. but for now everything remains closed that was closed earlier, this is still very active. we remain the shelter in place remain, and we will push it out to the community and make sure the press is updated. thank you. >> good afternoon. though we do not have any further detail to share at this time about the deceased shooter
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we again ask the public to look at the photos of aaron alexis and contact the fbi with any and all information. the photos are available on and all information can be reported to 1-800-call-fbi. this investigation is still very active. and we will continue to work with our partners to track down every bit of information that we learn. the assistance of the public is vital and investigations of this type, as we try to piece together the recent movements and contacts of the subject. no piece of information is too small. please call to report any and all information to 1-800-call-fbi. thank you. >> i just want to add one thing. for all of our local folks that are following the news coverage here. there is misinformation that is getting out through a variety of different sources. i will say to our friends in the
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media, if you have sources inside of the law enforcement agencies that are reporting, they're not official reports unless they come from this body or from the fbi. so what unfortunately happens is law enforcement forces will hear something as that gets passed around it changes is oftentimes not completely accurate and is getting reported in the press. if it doesn't come from this official body or this fbi, it is not being pushed out. we are making sure all of this information is pushed out from our also twitter and d.c. alert and all of our contacts and we make sure the press gets any updates as they go out. please if you have sources, if you would verify through us, that helps with misinformation. that results in additional calls coming in that divert our effectiveness so i would ask for people's cooperation here thank
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you. >> a personal note at this point we're now in a support role, united states park police. we were among one of the first responders this morning. i want to thank the community who puts up with some disruption in the day when a tragedy like this happens. as the day has gone on our officers have been stopped on the street and said thank you to, over and over again. thank you to the heroic officers who run to danger every day, it does make it very meaningful when they've had a day like today and so thank you. >> well, thank you chief. and let me thank the mayor and all who gathered here several times. because by coming forward to give the residents of the region information, you have done something very important. you have kept the fear level down. the fire rises when you don't have information, and don't feel
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safe. this happens to be a thriving communities of residents. this is -- community of residents. this is not just a place for the large federal facilities you see here. when i go on the floor tomorrow evening i'll remind the congress that this shooting occurred in their neighborhood. this is the neighborhood of the capitol of the united states. very close to congress. and yet i just want to say to residents who are coming home today that the response of the police, the taking-down of the shooter so quickly, convinces me yet again that this is the safest city in the united states. not safe from attack but safe. today, the police and the responders saved many lives. perhaps when this investigation is over we'll have some sense of
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just how many. much of that has to do with the close working relationship between mpd and federal police of which there are several and showed today and i think it showed up very well. when i say this is the safest city in the united states, i want also to reinforce the safety that the security of systems councilman has always generated, and we know that because of the difficulty of getting there but also because it was open to the community in the evenings, even built a facility so that it could accommodate community events. we want to maintain that balance and tonight we want to say to residents that we don't think there's anything to fear in this city. i any you saw by the way that multiple police dparmings work so well together, achieved a
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closure here and this is a safe city and we should go about our business in the same way. thank you very much. >> yes. >> (inaudible) what was his dress and what was his demeanor as best -- >> we're not going to comment on all of that. all of that pertains to evidence, none of that would be relevant to comment on possibly at a later time. >> (inaudible) on parole? >> we had initial response, responding officers who entered the base. again as i reported earlier we had official shooter teams -- >> the one that was wounded was he a active shooter patrol? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> the mayor had mentioned a video that you had seen, the description of the are one
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you're looking for. is there reason why there's spills or video or anything? >> obviously, there are things, multiple videos that are being reviewed. be a ventured yoa wu he review as part of the process, if we have something we can at to the public we will. >> let me add the person in the other uniform that we thought was a suspect initially and we were able to confirm that he was not a suspect, he actually was on the scene when somebody else shot and he moved out of the area and been resolved by any plasatthis particular time. >> besides the wounded can you expand on that?
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>> no i was talking about people who were wounded and had been evacuated and fled to the roofs of other buildings. i think your cameras caught that footage and they were eyes in the sky very coordinated effort. >> do you inhow many were medivaced? >> no i do not. >> have the families (inaudible). >> no they have not. we're still in the process of identifying who the victims are. so there is no information that's been fully confirmed add this stage. the process continues. and so we will identify the families of course first once we know fully with who's been involved. yes, sir. yes, sir. >> sheltering in place in the navy yard? >> there are still people coming out of the navy yard. how many remain there i do not know at this stage but as we were coming over there were still some of them uniformed
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officers of the navy who were coming out getting on the bus so there are people still there. >> thank you all very much. >> okay we have been listening to the news conference from the mayor of washington, d.c. and others, vincent gray. let's look talk to john again, the executive director of the community safety institute, mass shooting incident of survival. have you detected some similarities between what's happened here and washington, d.c, and other mass shootings that you've studied? >> well, it does seem like we're leaning more towards a disgruntled employee, somebody that was not happy with his workplace association. these things have long planning cycles. maybe five or six years ago he went to work and become
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disgruntle over money. they get upset about their financial condition, maybe they lose their job, blame it on their employer, maybe they lose their car or their home. instead of taking expobility for their actions -- responsibility for their actions they reach out and target individuals. ones they target individuals, primary targets we call them at that facility, we see that they have a primary purpose and start shooting anybody. that's important enough to get away from these individuals as quickly as you can and as far as possible. >> aaron alexis, i asked you this before the news credit conference for those of us who weren't are aware of that, remind us of what people should know about aaron alexis. the deceased in this case. >> i'd like to know everything about him. the fbi is asking for information, they want photos
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and e-mails and tweet and facebook postings, they want to know who is this individual, is he part of a cell or militia or a knowledge laker group, striking targets across the country or is it he an individual who last a beef whether a contractor or the u.s. navy and he took up arms to take out his violent aggression. >> john matthews, thank you for joining us. there is the brief sketch much aaron alexis. heidi dhou what did that restaurant owner tell you about
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aaron alexis? >> he's not just the restaurant owner, he was aaron alexis's best friend. his word. as this moment we believe a plain clothes officer walked in there and requested to speak to the owner. we have yet to confirm what lined of questioning he is going under but he did tell us quite a bit of revealing things about the suspect aaron many alexis earlier. he said he was alexis's roommate for three years from 2010 until just about five months ago. he says that he allowed alexis to move in with him when alexis was kicked out of an apartment here in fort worth. earlier you mentioned tony that in 2010 alexis was arrested, it was the only thing on his criminal record. he was rat arrested for discharg
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a firearm. he told police he accidentally shot his gun and shot through ceiling. he wasn't charged with anything. there are a lot of questions and police are very interested what this restaurant owner last to say. >> jimmy: than >> thank you, heidi zhou, thank you. we'll come back to this after a break. รง]
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. let's get you caught up with the top story.
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an individual that he had known and worked with at the pentagon. i think we're going to have many stories from the 3,000 employees at the navy yard. >> thank you, mike viqueira, al jazeera national contributor j.j. green. you have been following the
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story all day and you've been listening to the updates we've been able to get from the mayor and police chief so on so forth. what's your reaction to the events of the day and how the investigation is rolling out? >> this has been 9/11 all over again for at least a couple of people that i know were in that room, or in that building because at least one of those persons was at the pentagon on 9/11. and she said that after this, she is going to move. this is a horrific thing. i'm told that in the district proper, in the district of columbia proper this is being looked at as perhaps the worst shooting in the history at least in the modern history of d.c. when you consider the kind of activity that took place here at this place, a lot of people are scratching their heads, authorities want to know who
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aaron laimple was alexis was, ws associates were. what kind of action was initiated how the security system worked, why there were vulnerabilities specifically at this facility which is such as you say tony a high profile place. >> that is so surprising, there are a number of surprising elements of this, but when you look at the security situation or the lack thereof, is that going to be one of the areas of high focus? high intensity focus in the aftermath of this mass shooting? >> no doubt. no doubt. one of the things that the military does very well is prepare for battle. but typically that battle is overseas. it's not at the front door, it's not at heem. and one of the things that is very clear in this particular situation is that there was a scenario where a person who was able to enter this particular
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facility with the intention of doing harm did so seemingly very easily, without being detected. >> right. >> when you go into buildings at the pentagon and most other buildings there is a badge or scan in process but usually there is a guard situation where someone lays eyes on that i.d., and then on the face, to make sure that they match. stories today about him possibly stealing the idea of someone else, it's very disturbing and i know that authorities, security authorities at the pentagon and in the military system are looking very carefully at this. >> j.j, given the number of video surveillance cameras that would have been at that location, do you think the authorities have a pretty good idea of how this all went down, or will shortly? >> i'm pretty sure they do. >> okay. >> but one thing i have learned is they're being carefully and
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judicial about what they do and say. the navy ordered to account, which enlisted and active duty personnel to go online and account for themselves to let them know that they're okay this is so they can finally figure out what the situation is with that second person they are interested in, so they can figure out whether that is a mistake or that is a legitimate situation. but they are looking very carefully at everything and anything that has to do with this nav-c facility. >> we know from our heidi zhou-castro that this aaron alexis was employed at a restaurant in the area, a thai restaurant and he actually lived with the owner of that restaurant for a three year period ending just a few months ago. and that this arrangement came
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about because aaron alexis was kicked out of another building. so that's the bit that we know about him. you're in charge of the investigation, what else do you want to know? and tell us how you go about building up that workout? >> well, everything that he's done since his date of separation from his place of employment, where he's traveled to, who he's dealt with, what he has been doing, what he's been reading, what he's been talking about, we also would -- >> online profile chat rooms everything? >> yeah. we would want to know all of the things he's engaged in both from a web 2.0 or a social media perspective to an actual in-person interaction, all the engagements he's had from that date of separation until this one is what i would want to know. in addition to that tony i would want to know as well what the situation was his state of mind before that separation. and certainly anything that
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would lead us, give us some information, into what his state of mind was, prior to today. >> j.j. that's terrific and al jazeera's national security contributor j.j. green joining us from washington, d.c. appreciate it, great insights. david shuster, my colleague is with us now and he's been on the story for a few hours now. you know d.c. very well like the back of your hand. talk to us about the washington navy yard, please. >> well, what jumps out for whorve has lived and worked in washington and call the city home is the police presence tony that is there between the metropolitan police department, between the national park police, between the secret service all of whom would have been literally blocks away from this. in a way i suppose a lot of people in washington would say people think that things will happen in washington because it's the nation's capital but usually also associate a certain amount of safety because of
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what's there. the naval yard, building 197 is actually the western side of the naval yard. building 197 is the largest that is there. got almost 3,00 3,000 people. it is essentially the naval sea command, what they do at the naval yard is based in building 197. it is a high traffic area because it's the cafeteria. if you want something on the naval yard you have to go to the cafeteria. the naval yard is 65 acres along the anacostia river. it was a place that was abandoned for a couple of years. a weapons depot, place where weapons were build, from about the 1960s on it sat empty until in the late 1990s as part of an effort to redevelop this part of washington, d.c, they were able to bring the naval sea command there, making
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sure the navy paperwork continues to flow, making sure the naval officers get their orders, they use a lot of civilians, in fact it's mostly civilians not enlisted folks or with the military. >> security, right? there are going to be a number of questions about the security of that building in the aftermath of this. >> like a lot of federal office buildings in federal complexes tony, you don't need magn magnatometers to get in. it gets to the idea that there was some initial confusion because police originally thought that the suspect the main shooter was somebody different because he had a different i.d. than his own. and the theory that police are working on is he grabbed this i.d. from someone and took it to get into the building. the fact that he's been in the
6:42 pm
navy as a reservist, he's had no connection with the navy other than that. >> there is a deep dive to understand what is going on with aaron alexis. let's take a quick break. we'll come back with our continuing coverage of the mass shooting in washington, d.c. this is al jazeera. >> just to be able to defend the title for once will be awesome,
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and i've done so well here the past few times i've played, getting to the semis or finals. it's been really, really exciting. i'm happy that i've been able to consistently do well here. >> australian cricket captain michael clarke led his team to victory against england, scoring his first tonne. england were bowled out for 227 in pursuit of australia score of 315/7. >> and now take a look at this young man who has more than a few expectations to live up to. this is argen tendulkar son of sachi, in his father the highest run scorer.
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we will get back to the navy yard shooting in washington, d.c. in just a few minutes. but we need to update you on some other headlines we're tracking. 19,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged by the floods that have swept through colorado. more than 1200 people are still unaccounted for in flooding that
6:45 pm
stretches across 15 counties. we're going to visit one of those counties now. jim hoolie joins us from one of the counties. jim what has been the impact in an agricultural area like weld county? >> well, tony, take too look at this -- a look at this right out here. this tells the picture. we're 30 miles west into where the flooding took place wednesday into thursday. some of the flooding came out here, unfortunately this happened probably some of the worst time. this is the harvest time for the alfalfa and beets and onions. it is going to cost farmers millions and millions of dollars. the weather is good here, lucky today, sunshine has come back some of the warmer temperatures hopefully that will dry some of this up. yesterday though some of the rescue teams couldn't get into some of those areas because the weather was so bad.
6:46 pm
it poured rain pretty much all day long. helicopters are flying into those towns like james town and lyons, where some of the people are trapped. we have seven people here believed to be dead six of those are confirmed and again the forecast for the rest of the week tony is for warmer and drier weather. that will hopefully dry some of that up. and hopefully also give some of the rescue teams a little break. hopefully they will be able to get up into those foothills and get to some of those people that are still trapped and desperately seeking help up there. >> wait a minute, jim. you're telling me there are still a number of people obviously then who are trapped and still people who are unaccounted for, because of all of this flooding? >> yeah, tony. there were -- they have had no electricity for almost a week, they cannot power up their cell phones. those are the people that cabinet get in touch with authorities, can't get in touch with relatives, relatives can't
6:47 pm
get in touch with them. that's because there are so many unaccounted for. they are not missing just unaccounted for and hopefully that number will drop. very important. >> jim hoolie representing for us in weld county, colorado. u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon says, it's the worst chemical weapons attack since iraq bombed iran in 1988. >> 85% of the blood samples tested positive for serin. a majority of the environmental samples confirmed the use of serin. a majority of the rockets or
6:48 pm
rockets fragments recovered were found to be covering serin. the findings are beyond doubt and beyond the appeal. this is a war crime. >> one looming question the report does not address is who is to blame for the attack. al jazeera's john terrett is live and john what did u.n. inspectors find on the ground in damascus? >> well, tony at last today those inspectors were able to publish their report into what happened in damascus on august the twument. and there was -- the 21st. there was a two and a half hour security council meeting, also attended by secretary-general exphoob. ban ki-moon.
6:49 pm
they were only asked whether chemical weapons were used on the 21st and as you just reported they have said they were. they also cleverly described how those chemicals were delivered. they were delivered by surface to surface rockets which they found to contain trace still of serin gas when they went to the wreckage on the ground. that's tantamount really without actually saying so, to pointing the finger of blame at the damascus government, tony. >> and john how soon will the u.n. security council vote on a resolution to strip syria of its chemical weapons? >> this is a very good question. it's important to understand. remember that agreement reached on saturday in geneva between john kerry and sergey lavrov, is a framework agreement has no legal basis in the world. for that, i know a lot of
6:50 pm
americans don't agree with the u.n. or the security council, for that agreement to be ratified and become informally it has to come back to the security council. we are hearing about a resolution sometime in the next two weeks but al jazeera has been told they're trying to wrap this up by the end of the week because mainly next week is the annual jamboree of the members, we want to have it tied up by the end of the week, already, the brits and the french and the americans want a line in that if the syrians don't apply complie. d doshes don't comply and the russians are not happy with that. >> john terrett, are outside the
6:51 pm
u.n. building in new york. thunderstorms in italy have delayed one of the most spectacular ship salvage operations in history. the team of engineers are in giglio, italy. the operation will take up to 12 hours and involve 500 salvage workers. is this a live picture? live picture right now. once upright the focus will be on finding the bodies of two victims who are still missing. >> not a time to play baseball in the nation's capital. >> yes, absolutely and it's certainly a small thing in the scope of this tragedy nonetheless we pass along the news the nationals have passed on their game with the braves. take a look. it's just a few blocks away from
6:52 pm
the navy yard. i believe we have that video, the stadium holds nearly 42,000 people if you can believe that. meanwhile the nationals are announcing a statement, deeply saddened to learn of the tragic events that occurred this morning only a few blocks away from the nationals park. the safety of our fans is the utmost priority. dave harris and mike minor were scheduled to take the mound. the nats and the braves will play tomorrow. still intact being paid in cincinnati the game pits the steelers versus the bengals. since he gave away their season opener after having a double digit lead, the turnovers in an untimely penalty did them in but pittsburgh may be worse off. one of their best players on defense from a year ago.
6:53 pm
yes, james hairson is now a bengal. and here is troy palomalo on his team mate. >> he is the identity of what pittsburgh is about, what the pittsburgh defense is if. he had a blue collar approach to football. one of the hardest workers around. he was the intimidator, the guy that can play. he was the steel curtain you know what i mean, one of those style of players. so we lose that for sure. but we also have guys that can carry that on, you know, ryan is a very physical player. we got jarvis jones who is extremely talented. he's not a james harrison but james harrison wasn't a joey porter and jason gil wasn't his predecessor. thank god we've had a line of
6:54 pm
people that are very successful? their games might not be similar but the production will be. he's a guy that we've all gone through personal and professional issues with, you know, and dwfort adversities, se closer than just team mates. so yeah, it will be touch and a different experience for us but that's all part of football. you kind of face these types of things. you face former college teammates but i've been playing with james for almost ten years. so we'll definitely miss limb. >> meanwhile the 49ers didn't feel much like the team that played in the super bowl last season. the 99ers and the hawks were put on hold because of the storm. three touchdowns against the
6:55 pm
niners. seattle defense never let colin kaepernick into the end zone. teammates afterwards said he should stick to his role as corner back. smawks woseahawks won 29-3. >> jetion ca thanjessica thank . >> you're welcome. >> now hurricane ingrid has made landfall. the storm struck the pacific coast after making landfall, manuel was down graded to a tropical depression. it is still expected to bring 25 inches of rain and storm surges to coastal area. severe weather has claimed the lives of 33 people in parts of that country. thousands have been evacuated in the last 48 hours.
6:56 pm
>> where hurricane ingrid moved into mexico it was also pushing wind and rain directly into the mountains where there was additional lift in the mountains to bring down an exceptional amount of rainfall and cause a lot of mudslides and flooding. now that's exactly the setup that we had going on in colorado this last week. as we look for the specific area, you can see it in the lee slopes of the rockies in colorado where winds were going right up out of the east northeast into the mountains, lifting up dumping rain, into the rivers, record flooding i might add. as we look a little closer here you can see that specific area of denver and boulder where we've had an exceptional amount of rainfall. so much i'm going to show you. river gauges washed away. and some of the river gauges we're not sure of accurate readings all because of md
6:57 pm
and -- mud and debris flowing into the rivers. the duration that the rain continued to come down over the days, now we've got the wettest year on record. 2013 for boulder, colorado, 30.12 inches in the gauge. now that is for the water year. the old record is back in 1995. we shattered that. here is a hydrograph. basically it's what you look at when you observe a flood gauge. and i wanted to show you how the south platt river had a remarkable showing, shot up into thursday and friday into record territory and we still have record flooding going on in the south platt river today and into tonight. where the shower activity at least has become a little lighter. we're watching a little moisture come up from the tropics but now some drier air is starting to filter in from the west. as that happens, we're not seeing as much water come down in the showers and thunderstorms. anyway we don't want any showers
6:58 pm
and thunderstorms to come on around boulder. the crest of the storm is moving towards nebraska and more showers are still expected. on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
the city's police chief summed it up as, quoting, one of the worst things we have seen in washington, d.c. the shooting happened in building 197.


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